Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Long Time

I've been busy! I had to take a break from crazy quilting to make a jacket. I purchased a beautiful piece of embroidered silk to make a jacket to wear to my husband's Texas A&M 50th reunion in April. I am working on my third pattern. I dug around in my stash and found ten yards of brown fabric I purchased at Wal-Mart several years ago. I will have three jackets from the same fabric before this is over.

The first has princess seaming. Even while I was cutting the first jacket, I thought it was the wrong pattern for the fabric. The embroidery on the silk is large roses...I would really have to 'play' with the pattern to keep from having the seam run through the design.

The second is an 'unconstructed' jacket. I decided it was way too plain.

I found a third pattern that I think will work much, much better. When I get through, I'll post photos of all three...and the silk jacket too.

I still have enough of the brown fabric to make a pair of slacks. Now, isn't that a switch?! Three jackets and one pair of slacks! (Edited to add the photo and I was 1/4 yard shy of enough fabric to make a pair of matching slacks. LOL One jacket too many!)

Today, I went on a shopping trip with my sister-in-law, her daughter, and her grand-daughters. We went to Jefferson Texas antiquing/junking. The girls (hmmm...let's see, they are 6 and 8 I think) were really good and could be so hilarious! Katie purchased a Mardi Gras mask. Poor Maddie, the little one, broke a small item in one of the shops. The clerk let her pay half-price. But she was still able to buy a 'pretty.' She and her sister pooled their remaining money when they found Webkins at a buy one get one free sale.

I found a set of small crystal ashtrays. No, we do not smoke...I purchased them to use for ice teaspoon rests. I drink unsweet tea while my husband likes sweet tea. He prefers to sweeten his tea at the table. He was sugar starching and staining my placemats. In a second-hand store, I saw two really cute ashtrays with a violet design. I thought 'how cute,' and walked on by. Then, the lightbulb clicked. I picked up the two ashtrays. My mother then gave me a couple of Johann Haviland butterpats. Now, with these new 'spoon rests,' I have enough to set my table for guests.