Thursday, June 5, 2008

Flowers and Purses

I finally took photographs of a few purses I made last year. These are mine. My mother fell for them and asked for one. Well, with a removable insert...what good is one, so she got two. The original pattern is a Tammy Tadd Design. With each purse, I make modifications to make it all mine. The orange/yellow/green fabric is so NOT me! But I love it! I purchased some coordinating FQs and machine quilted the orange dotted fabric for the body of the purse. The blue and yellow fabric is reversible pre-quilted fabric. I made two of for me and one for Mama. To change bags, just rip the Velcro apart, remove the liner (which has inside pockets) and Velcro it inside the next purse.

Now, for my dark bags. I made two of the reddish bags - yep, you guessed it, one for me and one for Mama. I love the bag with the animal print. This is the first one I did with the wooden bead trim and found out that I needed to drop it an inch so that it did not flip to the inside of the bag.
My hosta buds opened. They are not the perfumey kind and aren't all that showy. But I think they are gorgeous. I just love the foliage.
And look! My mother-in-law's tongue is about to bloom! What a surprise. This is the first time I have ever had one to bloom. (BTW, the Latin name is sansaveria...I think.)


Anonymous said...

cute purses!

Gig Harbor flowers

Jules said...

nice purses! :) my mom and her friends are making one, too, here in the philippines. they do it for a living. :) the tongue plant is really beautiful...