Monday, September 1, 2008

Am I Ever Sore!

After two grueling days I am back home to a soft bed and an air conditioner! I spent two days in Hell taking a rider's safety course this past weekend. I have had the motorcycle endorsement on my driver's license since the mid-70s when my first husband and I rode bikes. My motorcycle days ended with my pregnancy in 1983. In 2006, my current husband acquired a Harley-Davidson (photos of hubby and bike are in earlier posts). I'm tired of riding "2-up" so decided to take a "refresher" course before getting my own bike.

In the ten years that I rode, I never dropped my bike, skidded my bike, laid my bike down, etc. Not one scratch on its beautiful paint job. This weekend, I dropped the class bike on Saturday and high-sided it on Sunday. We had a bit of classwork then got on the bikes before lunch on Saturday. We were back at it again at 7 a.m. Sunday. We were out on a parking lot in 90+ degree sunshine. After all of the "modules" we then did some honing of our skills before testing. I realized how extremely tired I was. That's when I decided I'd had enough. I had reached the level past concentration and my responses were slow. My riding was getting sloppy. Time to quit before I got really hurt. For me to get back on the bike at that point of exhaustion was dangerous. A wise person (LOL now I'm wise?!) knows when to stop pushing and to quit.

IF you ever decide to take a motorcycle rider's safety not take it in the heat of summer. Try to find classes that are taught half-days for four or five days. Pace yourself.

This has not dimmed my desire for a bike. We will be traveling to American Eagle Harley in Corinth Texas to pick up my new bike within the week. I see some nice slow riding on the back roads in my neck of the woods while I get accustomed to my new bike. Photos will follow!

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