Saturday, September 27, 2008

September is Almost Gone!

Where has this year gone?! I haven't accomplished anything. Quilt still in the frame...since April 2007. I want it out, but don't want to sit and finish...just have three rows to go. I did get the ironing (yuck) completed so I can see the quilt again. I tend to drape DH's shirts over the quilt frame as I take them out of the dryer fully intending to attack them before the day is over. I don't think I've ironed since before we went on the cruise. LOL It's a good thing that he has some perm-press shirts hanging in his closet. My philosophy is...he was ironing his own shirts before we married...if he gets down to his white t-shirts, he can start ironing again. ;o) I ironed...but only because I purchased a blouse on clearance at Dillard's that has to be ironed. The quilt frame is cleared off. I need to tilt it to a working position and "git 'er done." Perhaps tomorrow.

That blouse from Dillard's...I gave $14 for it. I didn't pay any attention to the original price until I cut the tags off. $59!!! That is fifty-nine dollars!!!! For a blouse!!! Made from cotton with buttons up the front!!! What is this world coming to when a b l o u s e costs that much money?! No wonder I made those blouses a few years back...

I also haven't gotten to ride my new bike either! It's almost one month old, and I've only put 38 miles on it. After riding that day, Hurricane Ike did his thing. Then I worked a 40-hour week at the public library while the librarian was on vacation. (Small town, one-person library.) It nearly killed me. It's been five years since I put in a 40-hour work least one outside the home that actually paid. This past week I have had a monster cold. I spent most of the week sleeping. Thursday was a good day; Friday was horrible - again.

On the positive side, I have been knitting a second match the one I finished last spring. As soon as it is completed, I'll make a run to the library for some audio books...she got some new ones in...then get back on the quilt. The temp this morning was 60 degrees! I may need it to add to the covers on my bed!


bingo~bonnie said...

I hear ya... I feel the same way about the year.. I haven't "finished" anyhting in what seems like forever - and today I just bought fabric for 2 more prjects to be done before Christmas *sigh* LOL

My dad brought me a quilt frame that he made back in April of this year and I ahve yet to make a dent in it. I think I have sat at it twice in the past 5 months? and don't even ask if I've turned it eyt... although he asks everytime I talk to him on the phone! :P and he knows I have 15 month old twins!!! I really thought I'd work on it about this time at night... but instead I can't pull myself away from blog reading :P

at least you don't have very much left at completing yours. Good luck! You can do it!!! make a goal to work on it 30 minuites at a time each day...

oh - and lucky you married a guy who knows how to use an iron! Mine acts like he's never held one and refusedot learn... note to self -make sure my girls future husbands know how to use an iron! LOL

Hope you had a Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Anonymous said...

Ive been enjoying your recipes and I just made juice from the scuppernongs to make jelly when the weather is cooler.The colors up around Mena are so pretty hope you get to go soon.That is our county seat and where I do my shopping as this little town only has one grocery store.(Wickes)I'm going to tackle the learning to knit soon.Right now I'm into doing landscapes in acrylics and oils.Keep on riding you have more nerve than I do.We have the CMA group at Hatfield and they are a fine bunch of people.They bring a lot of revenue into this area.Really enjoy your blog.Arkansas #1 on HGTV message boards