Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Washed My Cell Phone...

...back in April. I came in from subbing at the high school and jerked my black slacks off so that I could wash dark clothes. Pulled on a pair of shorts...put the clothes in the washer...went out back to water plants. Ten minutes later, I slapped my phone. Moan. My Motorola Razr drowned...mouth-to-mouth resusitation did not work. That slim little phone had all sorts of features...but no mouth! At the Verizon store, I let the cute little girl talk me into a LG...she said it got better reception. After months of yes it is it's not...yes it is...NO IT'S NOT!... I haven't dropped that many calls since we moved here in 2004 and had Cingular.

Sam and I went to Longview yesterday to buy me a Motorola...A Moto 755 I think. Purple. Oh! Yes! So much better than black - my only two choices. Sam asked, "Why purple?" I said, "Because black is boring." ;o)

After Olive Garden, he headed west on the Loop. He wanted to look at the Toyota 4-Runners again. We test drove one back in August when it was soooo hot. Amidst their tearing down and remodeling, we located the same salesman we talked to in August in a portable office building. We drove a white 4-Runner with leather seats (I wanted to go back to cloth - it's not hot in the summer or cold in the winter), then for some reason Sam wanted to drive the Sequoia...too big for what we need. The 4-Runner will pull the motorcycle trailer. We have a Ford diesel pickup for the

We were talking about not wanting leather and the other froo-froo stuff so the salesman looked up another 4-Runner...dark gray with cloth seats...and it had the trailer hitch. Dark gray wasn't exactly on our list of favorite colors...but hey, this was the year-end clearance. It drove just like the white one with leather seats...So, remembering that we went to Longview for a new cell phone and to eat at Olive Garden - this is what I drove home last night:

Um...wanna buy a 2000 Acura 3.2 TL? less than 109,000 miles at the moment...well kept...serviced regularly...

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