Friday, November 14, 2008

Library Open House

I worked today. Hard manual labor...IMHO. ;o) The Daingerfield Public Library is getting ready for an Open House tomorrow (Saturday, November 14) commemorating the 40th anniversary of the dedication of the current building.

Earlene's mother had doctors' apppointments so I filled in for her. Another Friends member showed up this morning and we started 'cleaning house.' Earlene hates to throw anything away. So, we do it. Of course, we try to catch her when she's gone to do the dirty deed. ;o) What didn't need to be thrown away, we moved to another member's unoccupied office building. Harthia lets us store the donated books that we save for our yearly book sale in her building...along with anything else we need to stash to get it out of the library. (Our library has no storage space and the work area is out for all to see.)

We had another Friend to come help this morning. Then, about mid-afternoon, we had plenty of help to finish cleaning the shelves, straightening books, and setting up the silent auction items. Chairs and the sofa were rearranged to facilitate 'flow' space. Tablecloths were spread. Coffeepot and other items were staged for tomorrow. When I left at 5 p.m, the ladies were sweeping, running the dustmop and vacuum, and getting ready to mop.

If you're in town, drop by to see us between 2 and 4 p.m.

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