Friday, October 10, 2008

Beautiful Day to Ride

After lunch we went on a bike ride. I am getting more comfortable each time. Got down the driveway just fine and dandy. Also didn't have a bit of trouble when we got home. We rode around Lake o' the Pines today. I'd forgotten how curvy that road was too. Had to figure out what to do to keep my left hand from getting so tired from using the clutch. I realized that I was gripping the handlegrip all the time. So, I started straightening out my fingers when we were just riding. That helped.

We had to have gas when we got back to town. My first tankful is gone! This is getting more and more enjoyable. No photo today...

Tomorrow we are headed to Jefferson for the Boo Fest. There will be too much going on for me to be comfortable on my bike, so I'll be riding with Sam. This is a worthwhile event. Go to for more information.

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