Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jeopardy in a few minutes...

One of the few television shows I watch comes on in a few minutes. But I have a bit of time to tell you about my day. Funeral services for the 89 year old wife of one of Sam's cousins (who himself died in 1999) were today. One of her grandsons spoke. His grandparents' gentleness has been passed down to their children, grandchildren - and on down the line.

This afternoon, I've been quilting. I am slowly but diligently plodding away on the poor orphan quilt. I am determined to get it out of the frame before it celebrates its second anniversary in said frame. I looked up and watched fascinated as first one bluebird hen bathed in my new birdbath, then as soon as she vacated the bath another dove in and splashed around.

Just as I thought about grabbing my camera, she too had finished her ablutions. (You see...I read. I remember that word because I had to look it up.) I got my camera ready and finally captured a male bluebird drinking. Taking photographs through the screen...then I thought.

'Hey dummy! Stand up.' So I did.


Martha said...

Isn't it great to watch the birds -- sigh -- since we're a city house, we don't have bluebirds at Linderhof!

You have a nice blog and I'm glad I found it.


lani said...

Oh my gosh Im going to get a new bird bath this weekend gotta love the birds when they bathe....So do the dogs;-(..god bless Lani