Sunday, February 22, 2009

So Tired!

Had a ladies' weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Two friends did not get to make it: one because of a death in her extended family; the other because of her mother's illness. I can only imagine how much more fun it would've been had they been able to make it. Oh. Not really a "ladies' weekend." More of a high school graduating class weekend. 10 attended, but that's okay.

One of our classmates retired out of the Navy. He and his wife have a band and now perform in nightclubs in and around the extended area. Here's their blog:

Richard has always had a great voice. The addition of his wife, Chazz, jazzes things up! She can really work a room!

Anyway, some drove to Shreveport and back last night (er...early this morning). Some of us got motel rooms. That's what I did. Had my one drink (I can't hold my liquor and didn't want to have to go to the car to take a nap) and danced like nobody was looking! I love the line dances that are done now and as you know, am trying to learn some of them. Even though we didn't do country, just learning the steps helps with other line dances. There were more women in the lounge than men, we just all gathered on the dance floor and danced. You don't really need a partner, unless it's a slow dance. We had a couple of male classmates with us and they just danced in the middle. Sorta. We did a line dance sort of thing a time or two. I really enjoyed myself. Even though it doesn't appear that our dancing ability has improved much since high school...ALL those years ago!

I did make the statement this morning walking down the hall of the motel that if I did that on a weekly basis, I'd probably have to have a hip replacement! LOL

Before leaving, I made beef stew for supper Friday night. I loved the way it looked in the white bowls and grabbed my camera. Sam asked, "What are you doing?" Actually, I thought it was obvious. Camera in hand...evidently I was going to shoot a photo. ;o) When I explained that it was for my blog, he started to make a comment. "Just go sit down. Leave me alone. I'm taking the photo."
A bowl of beef stew with a slice of crusty French bread...delish!

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