Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Freeze Results

The bluebonnets withstood the freeze, but you should see the azaleas. Kaput. Hopefully the peach orchards in our area weren't hit too hard. Oh! And strawberries will be ready before long! A couple of the orchards let you do your own picking. Carol and I have done that twice. I still have strawberries in the freezer, but a bucket full would be nice to just eat.

Tammy commented on my last post that they still have snow. We get snow maybe once every 5-10 years. It's wet snow. Then it freezes and turns to ice. Generally it's gone the next day. The years that I was gone, after Daddy died in 2000, they had a freeze here before Christmas...then had one in February 2001. It was a really bad time for Mama. Anyway...that's been 9 years...we are due some white stuff.

I'm working on another sock. Started a leaf pattern. Did not work out. Thank goodness I found out on the second row after the ribbing. I frogged it (unraveled it)...had to completely frog it...couldn't pick up the ribbing stitches and decided 10 rows of k1, p1 would be easier to redo that fuss and fidget with picking up stitches. I got several repeats of a basketweave pattern done since last night.

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Kar said...

Just found your blog and love it. It reminds me so much of being back home in Texas (outside of Houston). Love the bluebonnets! I've got a flower bed full of them here in Idaho but they don't bloom until summer here. Thanks for sharing the pics.

I was wanting to see if it was okay to post the "southernisms" you had listed on your from last week. I don't want to "take" anything without asking. :)

Have a great day!