Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm Baaack!

And you didn't even know that I was gone. I know. I'm sneaky.

Sam and I went to San Antone...San Antonio to you a yearly reunion with the guys from the Texas A&M class of 1958, 5th Group. Thursday night we gathered at a Mexican restaurant on the River Walk. A few years back, we took one of the tour boat rides. It was really, really nice...if you ever have the chance, be sure to take it. This year, we visited then ate, then visited a bit more. Friday most of the guys went golfing while the women loaded up in a bus provided by one of the men and took a trip to San Marcos to the outlet stores. I'm not much of a buyer, but I enjoy the shopping aspect! Since Sam doesn't golf, he did go with us, but he went off on his own.

Saturday we went to Randolph AFB to the Officer's Club for lunch. It is always nice and the food has always been good.

Sam and I both enjoyed the visiting and renewing acquantances.

5th Group

Squadron 14
Okay, the guy on the his defense, he received word that a friend is near death.
We got rain while we were gone! Our rain gauge wasn't set up so we don't know how much, but just 20 or so miles north Mt. Pleasant got over 6 inches, and within 10 miles south of us at the Jenkins community a 5 inch rain gauge over-flowed.
Our pool cover was full. I set up a water hose siphon yesterday evening...and it's still flowing. That's a LOT of water!

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Carol said...

Over the last 20 years, we've been to San Antone (I'm from Arkansas, but that's how we learned to pronounce it , too) and have never tried the boats on River Walk. Nor the O Club at Lackland, we went to Kelly, instead (is it even still operating?). I do love San Antone - maybe someday we will be able to go without the restraints of family requirements.
Love your new socks. I just bought a very similar teal alpaca for my first attempt at knitting socks. Should have bought a less expensive yarn for learning on, but I'm pretty competent and anyway the yarn is TOO luscious.