Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ozark Getaway Part Three

We did have so much fun around the Courthouse Square in Mt. View. I've mentioned the music. I haven't mentioned the food.

First though, you've got to drive/ride out to Fifty-Six for one of their hamburgers. Always. ALWAYS delicious. Oh. Fifty-Six is the name of the town.

While listening to the music on the Square, you must get a scoop of ice cream. I did. Three different days/times. Black walnut - in tribute to my dad. Chocolate. Then again, chocolate. I am assuming that the brand was Yarnell since that is an Arkansas brand, but I didn't ask. The chocolate was so creamy.

Changing subjects...have you seen the fabric sleeves that look as if you have a real tattooed sleeve? I have a t-shirt with tattooed sleeves. I put it on one morning. Sam said that when I got off the bike at the restaurant for breakfast that a man sitting in a rocker on the 'front porch' looked disgusted. And when we walked into the restaurant a few heads turned and gawked. (I loved it!) ...You can see similar sleeves here ...mine were actually attached to a short sleeve t-shirt.

So...we are at the Square that afternoon. Standing... since we don't carry folding chairs with us on the Harleys. This guy in front of me stands and moves his lawn chair out of the way so that two older ladies can maneuver around and out of the way (Sam and I are patiently waiting cause we are going to claim the rockers that they vacated.) This guy moves his chair back in place and proceeds to sit down. Unfortunately he has placed his very nice straw cowboy hat in his chair. I nearly panicked for him, saying "No! Your hat!" As I reach out and grabbed him. Well. Actually I grabbed his butt. ;o) Never pass an opportunity to grab a nice man's butt...or a man's nice butt...I always say. About the time I did it...I realized what I'd done. I said, "OH!" and jerked my hand back. Too late. His wife saw. And she laughed.

We sat down in the recently vacated rockers and laughed along with the couple. I have to say that the wife enjoyed it so much more than her husband. She said she really had a hard time keeping him in line and just wait until she got home to tell the grown kids. ;o)

Sam and I eventually walked across the Courthouse Square to eat Mexican food at El Tres Amigos. (Yes, I know enough Spanish to know that it should be Los Tres Amigos.) Remember, I have on the tattoo sleeve t-shirt. Two Hispanic young men, employees, made a beeline for me. When the first one got closer, he was still smiling, but his face fell a bit. He and his buddy wanted to check out my tattoos. That shirt is so much fun!

Saturday night we went to the White River Hoedown. We sat beside a couple from northern California. We talked and laughed before the show even started. He started it...he 'saved the seats for us and would've baked a cake but he didn't know how long it would take us to get there.' I replied that I'd bought the ice cream that afternoon but he never showed up so I had to eat it all. After bantering back and forth a bit I advised him not to get up and leave his cap/hat in the seat. He gave me a closer look then smiled. 'I saw you! You had on the t-shirt that looked like you had tattoos. You're the woman who grabbed that guy on the butt to keep him from sitting on his hat.'

Geesh. Can't do anything any more without somebody watching!


elsie123 said...

Hey, sounds like those sleeves might be a heckuva way to meet men! And just fun!

Holee said...

Now you need a fake nose ring to go with the shirt!