Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Can you believe he turned down a job?! Wasn't even looking for one. Was offered a job out of the blue. AND TURNED IT DOWN?! ;o)

He had the opportunity to meet the couple who own the local motel. (Small town. One motel.) The wife asked if he was retired. "Yes." "Would you like a job?" He asked, "Doing what?" "Running the office part time." "No thank you."

Like, why did he even ask "Doing what?" LOL

I don't know why he turned it down. tongue-in-cheek Money had nothing to do with it even though I'm certain it would've been minimum wage. I get the feeling that he would've turned down $20 an hour too. Ah, to be 73 and at the age where he can do anything he wants...or nothing at all...


lesthook said...

Hey,he didn't want to commit to being somewhere at a certain time on a regular basis,LO(L!

Gloria said...

that's why they call it retirement! :0)

besides you need him around to grill!

Tom is 57 and I can't wait for him to retire, we may have to move to Texas for the next couple of years so he can retire by the time he is 65 after the beaten we took (like many others) in the stock market!

Who knows we could be neighbors!

Holee said...

Now why would he want to work and miss out on all the good food you cook, filling up his new building and riding his bike?

I got over 20 emails asking me to sell them Barbie clothes...that would take all the fun out of making them...retirement does have it's good points...of course it also means your clocking is running faster.