Sunday, August 9, 2009


That's what Sam hollered when he came in the house about 11:30 a.m. today. I jumped when he stuck his head in my sewing room door where I was working diligently piecing my new quilt.

I helped him earlier this morning on the final plumbing. When I got in the house I was almost as filthy as I was when I was a kid making mudpies. Even though the dirt hadn't had water added to it, the sweat on my body did a good job. I was coated with mud. (I was down in the ditch while he operated the tractor...what's wrong with this picture?)

Here's everthing covered up and smoothed out. He still has to do a bit more leveling, then top with topsoil. I asked if he going to landscape? He thought I was serious, so answered seriously. Nope. He doesn't want anything that he has to trim around.

He purchased the toilet paper holder, towel bar and ring. It's a good thing he got what he wanted from Lowes. I would'a never thought of buying something there. While even though inexpensive compared to some of their other fixtures, I was going to make a stop by the dollar store and buy cheapo. LOL That's probably exactly why he got them. ( photo of the toilet paper holder. It's made like the towel ring so no roller with the spring in the middle to hit the floor.)

I stocked the cabinet over the commode with a towel, a change of clothes, and some toilet that'll ever happen. Well, it probably will if I do the cleaning. I remembered the toilet brush and plunger too. Sam put the toilet paper in the cabinet. ;o)

See the mirror over the sink? It looks like a window, but that's a reflection. Would you believe that he complained about the old towel? It looks better in the photo than up close. You can see the holes and the ragged edges. ;o) I told him that I could do better for him. I'll make a raid in the camper and do a bit of rotating with older towels in the house.

We made a special stop by Lowes today for the sign. He thought it would be fun. I told him that it was false advertising. It says, "Restrooms." There ain't but one.

Sam wanted to go celebrate so we went to Longview and ate at Olive Garden. "I" have leftovers!

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Shogun said...

That sign is funny! It really does look like a window (in the reflection in the mirror.)