Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long Days...

Colors are changing around here. I forgot to put my camera in my purse so haven't taken any photos. Like I really have time though with Mama in the hospital.

I got a late start today. On Hwy 271 between Gilmer and Gladewater, I saw a guy on a bicycle...pulling a trailer. The sign on the back of the trailer said "Broke and hungry..." and more stuff, but I didn't get a chance to read it all before I whizzed past him. If I'd had my camera, I would've done a u-turn and come up behind him again for a photo. Sigh. That's why I almost always carry my camera with me.

Mama had her back surgery yesterday. She was miserable! The hospital is a small one with only 20 beds that I could see. Each room is a private room. There are only two patients per nurse!!! Can you imagine that ratio? So...I did not feel the need to stay with her...which I would've done if she'd been in any of the other hospitals in the area.

As I walked past the nurses' station, I asked, "How's she doing today?" The CNA said, "Great." I raised an eyebrow...she said, "Really."

Let me tell you...it was like the difference in night and day. Mama looked surprised that I even came. Duh... I visited with her. Helped her to the bathroom and back. Got her tucked in again. Lunch came...she ate. Then her medicine came. She took it and settled back. I knew that if I stayed she'd talk the whole time so... I got up...gave her a kiss...and left.

Made a swing through Longview to look at upright freezers. Joey and I are pulling one on her...

For several years Mama has been talking about getting rid of her 40+ year old chest freezer. (Do you think she got her money's worth out of this one?!) The lining to the lid has separated from the lid...the gasket has turned loose. When you raise the lid, you have to also grab for the gasket and lining and hold it with one hand while searching for whatever you wanted. The lid has whacked her in the head a time or two.

Plus she's gotten to where she can't reach the bottom any more. She had a box or two on the bottom of the freezer so that the food is higher and she can reach it.

For the last year Joey and I have tried to work around her and get the old freezer out before she kills herself. You know...one of these days she is going to go missing. When we call out all the searchers and scour the woods...you know that she will actually be found in the bottom of the freezer where she toppled in...

When Joey has time to get the old freezer out...it hasn't been convenient for her. I told her to go sit in the living room and that I would help him empty the freezer. Well... I talked to Joey. This afternoon I filled her refrigerator freezer and an ice chest with what little she had in that 23 cubic foot freezer. The contents of the ice chest are now in my freezer.

I called her at the hospital to check on her this evening. At first I wasn't going to tell her that we were getting rid of the freezer...but I needed to know what size she wanted in an upright. And if she'd take the one with a scratch on the door if Lowe's will discount it. Yeppers. So...hopefully Joey and his friend will get the old freezer out tomorrow because Sam is going to Longview after something. When I told Sam about my errand, we are going in the pickup. We'll swing by Lowe's and haggle over the scratched freezer. IF we can make a deal, we'll come home with it. If not, we'll go over to Sears and get the same size freezer for the same price without a scratch.

Then I'll need some plastic baskets to go on the shelves in the upright so nothing falls out and breaks her toe.

Can't you just hear her phone call to me?! "Sherry! This freezer you bought me..." ;o)


Carol said...

Hope you had success with the freezer. I'm sure your mother will be much happier with an upright --- I know I have been.

Kar said...

Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. I'm sure she will love the new freezer. Have FUN!!!