Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fooled Me

Sigh. I was doing the 'man' thing tonight and flipping channels with the remote. Nova aired a program about Rift Valley in Kenya. The first 10 minutes talked about the lake that was there millions of years ago...and that most of Africa was once a tropical rain forest. Many areas are now desert. (Guess man started global warming much further back than we originally thought.)

So...I called Sam into the living room. BM...that is Before Me...he, the then wife, and their two kids went to Zaire as missionaries for the Methodist church. Just before leaving Belgium where the two kids pretty well learned how to speak French and the now X did fair...Sam...wellll....we won't go there because it has no bearing on my story any way. Okay...just before leaving Belgium, they find out that the school in Lubumbashi, Zaire (now the Democratic -haha - Republic of Congo) does not have enough grades for their oldest, Brook. She was homeschooled the first year, then the parents decided she was missing too much. Arrangements were made to send her to RVA, Rift Valley Academy, in Kenya. Their son decided that if Brook was going...so was he.

There's the intro to all of this.

Sam joins me in the living room for a few more minutes of the 'lay of the land' in Kenya and Rift Valley. THEN the story moves into evolution. Okaaaaay...some of you may believe that your uncle was a monkey. Perhaps he acted like one. I have a couple of brothers that do...you remember the Brat don't you?... but...

If you present a theory as a theory...that's one thing. But please do not present a theory as fact.

As I headed to the shower...Sam started flipping channels.


Ducky said...

I think that was one of the most random posts you've ever made. ;P

Glo said...

I know all about the the man handling of the remote Sherry ......got one of them beside me most nights but I love him even with his bad remote habits......feel like you have this control when you get a chance a clicking.......feels good don't it!

Wishing you well!