Friday, November 20, 2009

High School Freshman...

Pulling my hair out! Two days and I'm ready to throw in the towel. If you don't already know, I sub at high school...grades 9-12. I do NOT like freshmen. They left a campus where they 'thought' they were BMOC...Big Man (and I do absolutely use that term lightly) On Campus. Now they are in high school where they are on the bottom rung of the ladder again. Only they DON'T KNOW IT!!! Or else they're just trying to prove how tough they are.

HEY! Save that for out in the hall. I am NOT impressed!

Two days. I quit subbing at one of the elementary schools because of having the same fourth grade class two days in a row...little animals!

When the older kids get out of hand, I say, "Children. Stop acting like fourth graders and act like the adults you claim to be." That generally calms them down and they straighten up and do their work...or at least get quieter. That sort of psychology does NOT work with freshmen. They aren't mature enough to understand it. They are too close to being that fourth grader than being adults...

I am one of those subs that believes in handling...get tougher, louder, slam a ruler or book down and get their attention...or just stand in front of the class and not say a word waiting for silence. I don't normally write notes and 'tattle' to teachers, but today...I not only wrote notes...I named names. AND told the secretary on my way out this afternoon...and named names for her. Had it been bad enough, I would've called for a principal. I have full faith in the coach handling his biology students...the three or four that caused me problems.


elsie123 said...

You've got more gumption than me. I know my limits, and teaching is not something I can it daily or substituting!

Kar said...

It surely isn't like when I went to school. We didn't dare piss our teacher off. I think "old school" needs to come back.

Have a great weekend Sherry!