Friday, January 22, 2010

Food and Politics

What a combo, huh?!

Thanks for the drooling y'all did over yesterday's post. If you all could've come for lunch, I would've used a whole fryer! Even though I cut the recipe down some, I still had sauce left over. It went into the freezer for later use.

After doing a bit of research on the internet, I found out I mispronounced mirliton. It's been a few years since Jerry told me how to pronounce it. me lay taw is what I found - in one place anyway. It is a member of the gourd family, and from what I understood from Jerry way back when, it grows on a vine. Seems he described it similar to a potato, and I guess raw, it is. Very, very mild flavor...almost non-existent. Raw, it also has the texture and consistency of an apple and can be used in salads or even just to munch. Cooked. It is rather bland...neither bad nor nothing good to 'write home about.' It really needed more than just salt and pepper. I should've put some of that Louisiana seasoning on it. But that cheese sauce on top...I'd almost...and I did type ALMOST!!! would consider eating liver. On second thought...NO WAY!

Down to the politic section of this post and if you don't want to read it you won't hurt my feelings. ;o)

We received something in the mail yesterday. A non-lifer politician is running for Congress in my district. He says he will:

1. Vote pro-life
2. Defend our 2nd Amendment rights
3. Fight government-run healthcare and protect Social Security
4. Support our veterans (He is a veteran)
5. Protect provate property rights
6. Defend traditional marriage
7. Support term limits to stop career politicians
8. Oppose earmarks

My stand:
1. I do not believe in abortion as birth control. There are way too many other methods out there that if used properly prevent pregnancy in the first place. And, yes. There are some women out there who have had multiple abortions...using it as birth prevention...because evidently they certainly do not have any control. Unwanted babies...people are lined up to adopt.

I am not 100% anti-abortion as some right-to-lifers are. If the mother's health is in danger, either physically or mentally, if the pregnancy continues. That decision is hers to make. Along with her doctor and husband if there is one...but ultimately it is her decision in that case. In the case of a teenager in the same circumstance, that decision is hers and her family's along with the doctor. In the case of rape, a grown woman has the right to do what she feels is best for the situation. In the case of rape or incest of a minor...that is between that child and if she has no supporting parent, a make that decision.

2. I have a 30-06, a 20-gauge shotgun, and a .357 Smith & Wesson. Does that answer your question? I have been trained to use them. I have hunted. And I would not hestitate if someone broke into my home, and I was here alone. My life or theirs? No question about it. (I might need counseling later...But forget that, "If you take one step closer" business.)

3. What a sticky-wicket! Health-care needs overhauled. But the government has so screwed up Social Security since LBJ and the then sitting government opened it up to be raided (I could've typed 'raped') consistently. How do you think government-run healthcare is going to fare?

4. AMEN!

5. Developers want to tear down those quaint seaside neighborhoods that are not diseased with poverty and drugs so that new condos can be built?! I think not!

6. A marriage is between a man and a woman. Aren't things backwards when so many men and women are foregoing the marriage ceremony and same-sex couples want to get married?!

7. See my post 2 or 3 down.

8. I gotta look into this. The only thing I can thing about earmarks is when hog farmers notch their pigs' ears in a certain pattern so that they all know whose pigs belong to whom. ;o)

Y'all have a good day!!


Ducky said...

My stand.
1. Mama nailed it.
2. 30-30, 12ga., .22cal rifle. Nuff said...
3. Social Security was NEVER meant to be permanent, why would we want MORE government control?
4. They're willing to die for us. I owe them.
5. It's mine. You can't have it unless the price is right.
6. Don't call same sex "marriage" then I don't care.
7. 1 or 2 terms max. If they screw up, shoot them.
8. Ditto

Sherry said...

HE DID LISTEN TO ME!! Sigh. Ain't life grand?! ;o)