Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Almost Hurt Myself...

...really really bad.
Yeppers. I took a fall. My right foot landed on a patch of ice Sunday night. In the dark. Outside all by myself. No really close neighbors. We were visiting and I was 'home alone.' Their water had been frozen but as I walked in the house, I heard water running...turned the faucet off in the bathroom and checked inside the house. Everything was dry. As I brought our bags in, I noticed what I thought was water running across the yard...went back out to check. No water running and dummy me not thinking about the temperature hovering around 30 degrees...walked across the yard. As soon as the foot touched the stepping stone...down I went.
Unlike the above photo I snitched from the internet, both of my feet were not in front of me. Imagine my panic in those few seconds when I realized my left leg was folded behind and under me and not following the momentum of my body. I slightly rolled my body to the right and thank God, got the foot moving.
I was able to hobble into the house, pulled off my jeans and took stock of the situation. Getting in the house hurt like heck, but I could put my weight down on my leg with no excruciating pain. No immediate bruising (and it never did bruise). As I mentioned, I could put my entire weight on my leg with not much pain and could move it. But walking on it...I detected rather quickly it was a muscle problem. After finding no bulging muscle and just seeing a slight swelling, I decided it was a sprain.
Boy hidee am I sore! I pulled the calf muscle and since the foot was trying to bend the wrong way, the top of my foot... I sat with an ice pack the rest of the evening...and started all over again Monday morning.
Sam and I went for lunch in the middle of the day and I was holding his hand for support. I finally had to tell him to quit trying to pull me along. LOL Rushing me was NOT helping the situation! He's used to me walking faster...he strolls along.
Yesterday evening we arrived at home. I located the heating pad. Ah!!!!! Felt so good.
I subbed today. I told the secretary that I couldn't walk down the ramps to the lower wings but if it was on the main level that I could do it. I was achy when I got home this afternoon. But better than I expected.
The weather is milder...temps above freezing with a rain coming in Thursday and Friday. But some time next week the cold is supposed to hit again.
Cherry! Where is a good halfway point? I'm afraid it will be somewhere in the middle of the ocean!!


Shogun said...

You are so lucky it wasn't worse.

JessicaSews said...

Oh dear! Knowing how quickly you go down on ice, I feel for you.
Hope you rest and mend quickly!

Darla said...

Geez! Glad you are okay. I am so afraid of falling on ice...last winter our porch had iced over while I was out. I just got down on my hands and knees and crawled to the door...figured I couldn't fall to far like that!