Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have Feedjit over at the bottom of my right-hand sidebar. It tells me where my visitors are from and how they got here...via HGTV MBs, direct, via a search engine, etc. I try to check it every day. Once I had a visitor from the Vatican! You better believe that I blogged about that.

In the last day or so, I had a visitor from Port Chester, New York. He visited me via Google. This is what he was searching for:

"i got circumsized 2 weeks ago, i have a bubble between some stitches, is that normal?"

OUCH! I hope he got an answer somewhere out there! ;o)


Anonymous said...
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bingo~bonnie said...

that is Hilarious!!! but, your blog name is KEEP you IN stitches... so um, even if I were googeling what he was, I don't' think I would have clicked on your link - b/c I would not want to know how to KEEP myself in those kinds of stitches.

I had to interrupt my husbands show - pause it while I read you this... and he and I got a BIG Laugh from it! ;)

thanks and Love from Texas! ~bonnie
who reads you thru her Google Reader ;)

Kar said...

OMG!!! too funny! I just about hurt myself laughing so hard.


Shogun said...

That is so funny and POOR GUY!

I can't believe you can find out what people were searching for in addition to where they are from or how they found you.

wildcatmom said...

I have to wonder about the feedjit information. When I visit different blogs, the places it says I'm from is 3-5 hours drive from here. ???