Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Laughter in the Air

What a glorious sound! I stepped out on the front porch to clip my fingernails. Broke one the other day and can't stand the jagged look of one shorter than the rest.

Our neighbors have a little boy...and enough toys in the front yard for a preschool nursery! They have a fenced in backyard so we haven't figured out why the front yard is the playground. But it's nunya...none of your (our) business.

They are outside with the child constantly. As were he and his mother this morning. I loved the laughter and the giggles and found a couple of weeds to pull, untangled a wind chime, just stood and smiled while enjoying the sound of the little boy at play.

My little boy is 26 years old...and not so little either. ;o)


lani said...

I love the sound of people outside it is a really great sound reminds me of when we were but wee ones and were always out doors till the sun went down and later....god bless

Penny said...

Now there is a post that made me smile - thank you!!