Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cup Towels

Remember the apron I made? It's for a swap I've joined on the HGTV board...All I Want for Christmas. I would've never purchased the orange fabric for me, but I have so fallen in love with it!

I attached my embroidery base to my sewing machine this afternoon and stitched a couple of flour sack cup towels. (The designs are from I don't think they offer them any more so am sooo glad that I saved them on my computer!)They were for the swap too until I realized that I used the wrong stabilizer...the second design was stitching when I tried to tear the stabilizer off the first one. eye roll So these are mine. I took my little scissors and cut the stabilizer from behind the larger areas. I've got the other cup towels for the swap stitched with the Dutch dolls, but decided not to do the day of the week. I don't like the green (it looks like it matches in the photo, but it really does not) and, besides, I have some vintage DOW cup towels and never use them on the correct day. So...I've omitted them from the swap gift.

I also made these for me. Red, purple, and green grapes.


Kar said...

Thanks for the well wishes Sherry! I'm loving the apron and towels. Not sure I would know the difference with the stabilizer and all. I like the design anyway. :)

Unknown said...

Have you made anything else with machine embroidery? I am not very artistic, so it really helps to have the software to help me out. Let me know! - Janie

Sherry said...

Janie, Yes. I have embroidered on bath towels and embroidered a few of those Dutch girls on a quilt for my grand-niece. Photos should be on my blog.