Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cutting Table and Stuff

A while back...did I mention that Sam was planning on building a drop leaf cutting table for me? HE STARTED ON IT! I am so excited! Even before he started building his wood working shop, I sent him an e-mail with a link to a website that sold cutting tables. Only problems with those...cost...whoooweee! and size. The size that the person built would not fit my space. This one will! It is made of red oak and red oak-faced plywood. The box is on it's side with the bottom toward the yellow measuring tape. The top drawer will be opened from either side and will hold rulers. On this side the slots will have drawers, the other side will have shelves...either with or without a door...I have to decide and I'm leaning on without because of the limited space in my sewing/quilting/computer room. The long slot will hold cutting mats.

These are the three top pieces glued up and patiently waiting... This was the sky-view yesterday afternoon. Just wish there's been some rain in those clouds for us! Guess what these are going to be? No fair! You guessed!

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, how purty that table is gonna be!! And it's gonna work so well. Give that man a hug (or somethin'). :)