Tuesday, September 14, 2010

People are So Nice!

I don't know how many people have commented on my weight loss! They say that it's showing in my face. This morning I put on yet another pair of capris that will go in the giveaway pile. With the elastic waist, every time I bend over, I feel as though my rear looks like Bubba's. ;o) If this keeps up, I won't have anything to wear to work.

A shopping I will go! Cha-ching! (Just not too soon...I want to drop yet another size.)


Kar said...

Good for you on the whole weight thing. I'll get my tail moving here soon. I just hate the thought of having to go get new clothes because of the cost factor. Oh well, I guess I would have to look for the sales.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Way to go, girlfriend!!!!! Sure wish I could get my motivation stirred up and join you. I need it far more than you did. Anyway, keep up the good work. I'll be cheering for you from afar!!