Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thanks to my CHEERLEADERS! Y'all are A+!

I think I'm safe posting photos. I don't think any of those involved in the pregnancy epidemic in the family check out my blog.
Here's the baby quilt top sewn together.
I hope to get thread to quilt with tomorrow. I'm looking for at least one more piece of fabric for the January baby.

I made this too.
I told Erin I made something for the baby...and that in order for it to fit...the baby needed to weigh 15 pounds. She laughed and is hoping that the baby does NOT weigh 15 pounds. Go figure!

What's with the loop handle at the bottom? The pattern called for it. I'm just wondering if you grab the loop and throw the baby over your shoulder if he'll slide right on out. ;o)

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Stephanie said...

Sherry, found your blog and love it. I love the quilt and the cute little bag for the baby. I used to use something like this for my kids but they are grown now. Nice to meet you, Stephanie