Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Shower

Isabel's this time. Brook opening gifts while Cody looks on. Of course I just took photos of the gifts I gave. ;o) This is the same pattern that I used for Colt's quilt. K-Twister by a quilting friend from Wisconsin, Jean aka Jayardi.This was such a cute idea. I think it was Cody's. They furnished plain white onesies and colored markers. This was my creation with Sam's help. Cody told me that I needed to notify the phone company and get the 1-800 number. LOL I had to take a photo of this one for the Daingerfield Tigers. Just two games to go for the State title. Brook and Cody married a little over four years ago in Vegas. While we were at their house for Thanksgiving, I removed the original photo from the frame. Cody and I both took some pictures of it with my camera. I think it made a fairly decent copy. I printed it to fit an 8 x 10" frame to replace a high school photo of Brook in our rogue's gallery.

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Kar said...

The quilt turned out fabulous Sherry! Those t-shirts are the cutest idea. I like the one you did. :)