Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Sign of Spring

Daffodils are blooming! I noticed them yesterday in someone else's yard. Checked mine...Nope. But this afternoon! They just popped out! I went to Mt. Pleasant after clothes. Y'all all know how much I enjoy shopping...NOT! I'm needing something cooler to wear with my slacks and skirts. Found a couple of short sleeve jackets, a couple of tops, and a couple of suits at really good sale prices!

And guess where I stopped before leaving town?
Yep...Down at the CAR WASH! Can't leave without showing these two cuties. Wonder what they both are thinking...


Cherry said...

The daffodils, so pretty.
The carwash, so fun.
The BABIES - so so tooooo cute xx

Shogun said...

Those babies are SO cute. We are just now getting above freezing so I am hoping spring is around the corner here in michigan.

Sherry said...

They are aren't they?!