Saturday, February 26, 2011

Latest Thing to Wear to a Business Seminar

Let's pretend that you have driven from the far corner of the great state of Texas to attend a business seminar. You are representing your county judge and your county. And you wear these:


Walking the dog shoes.
Beach shoes.
Kayaking shoes.
Running shoes.
"Barefoot" skiing shoes.
Shower shoes.

But wear them to a seminar?

Okay. I do not wear my nicer office clothes and heels to seminars. I go for more of that "Office Casual Friday" ... slacks and blouses...generally a couple of layers because most of those meeting rooms can be like an ice box...and I'm usually the only one in the room who is uncomfortably hot.

And. I wear loafers. Not sports shoes. Not Crocs (I do not own a pair of Crocs...they are garden shoes and I can purchase much cheaper shoes to wear in the garden). Not 5-finger shoes.

Wear these things? To a business seminar? I thought about dragging my camera out of my purse but was afraid I would be too obvious. You really should've seen the whole "presentation." You may have done a "double-take" too.

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Ducky said...

I can understand those being inappropriate for a seminar in your field. I really want a pair of those for work though. They're supposed to be some of the best shoes on the market for people who are always on their feet.