Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cast Iron

I mentioned my covered cast iron skillet in the Irish Soda Bread post. Everyone...and I do mean EVERYONE who likes cast iron and sees my covered chicken fryer...well...they are just flat out jealous! I've had it...like forever! Initially used for frying chicken...which I don't do any more...it is the best bacon fryer ever! I can tuck and layer six slices of bacon in the skillet and cover it. The grease does not pop all over the stove top. I do not drain the grease off every time I use it. I just cover the skillet with the lid. And just leave it on the stove top. I know...I know! Not 'classy' at all. But hey! This is my kitchen! And MY COVERED CAST IRON CHICKEN FRYER!


Florida Farm Girl said...

Hey girlfriend!! Mama had one of those, and a dutch oven with a bail that both used the same lid. Hmmmm...wonder who got that after she died? I wouldn't use it though. Too big. But lots of good memories of when Mama used it.

katie said...

I love cast iron, that is about all I have ever used. Once they are seasoned in you can't beat them. I used to have a chicken fryer just like yours. Sorry to say I sold it. Now my favorite is a small cast iron about 8 or 9 inches just right for the two of us.