Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I almost messed up.

I'm not accustomed to working 40 hour weeks yet. It's really hard to do housework when you don't spend weekends at home. I hate ironing clothes! Have I ever mentioned that? Well...I hate ironing clothes!

Pine pollen season is over. My house needs a really good spring cleaning. Saturday afternoon while Sam was watching the race (since Dale Jarrett retired, I don't watch any more) I cleaned our walk-in closet. I had already stripped some of the old clothes out and set them aside for charity (delivered them yesterday). I tossed shoes out of one of the shoe racks and moved it out of the way so that I could vacuum that part of the closet floor. I walked out of the closet to put something somewhere else. When I walked back in, I tripped on the shoe rack. My mind was on the shelving...I did not want it literally ON the shelving! So I tried to make myself as small as I could tucking in body parts and ducking my head.

That probably kept me from throwing a hand out and breaking a bone.

My head hit a shoe. I lay prostrate on the carpet and thanked the sweet Lord because he led us to a house with a large walk-in closet. If it had been ten inches narrower...

Then I laughed at myself. Stooopid!

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