Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I found some that fit! Since menopause - which I LOVE by the way - my waist is thicker than it was pre-meno. Where I once had a waist...I don't any more. My jeans fit everywhere except in the waist. I would zip the zipper, then turn the button and buttonhole tabs down and tuck them so that they wouldn't flop. I needed to go try on jeans in a really bad way.

I've been sorting through my clothes and took a quick look at Sam's. There was a pair of new looking jeans on the far end of his jeans. Generally the newer jeans are on the other end...not on the end with the faded out jeans. I pulled them out and realized that they were a pair of Wranglers that were hand-me-downs from one of my brothers. They were too small and not Levis...which is all Sam wears. I just dropped them in the floor while I quickly sorted through the rest of his jeans...all Levis. The Wranglers were headed to the giveaway box.

Then...Hmmm...I wondered if they fit me and also wondered how big the waist would be. I tried Wranglers before, pre-meno. They were women's jeans...tight in the thighs and big in the waist...haven't tried them since. But...these are men's jeans. THEY FIT! I was so excited and took the lint brush to brush off the dust line where they've been folded over the hanger (and Sam does not always shut the closet door so I have a dust battle in there constantly)...and wore them this evening after work. Now I know what brand to buy and what size to get! I am EXCITED!! Yep. I know. Sometimes it doesn't take much to excite me. ;-)


Florida Farm Girl said...

Hey, a pair of jeans that fits is something to get excited about!!!!

elsie123 said...

It's hard to find just the right fit, so you should be excited. I bought a few pair before my cruise, but when it came down to wearing them, they just felt too baggy. No, I hadn't lost weight, they just seemed to loosen up too much with wear. Enjoy your jeans! Thank heavens its finally cool enough to wear them. :)

Sherry said...

I know! It's exciting isn't it?!?!