Thursday, March 1, 2012

Poor Baby

Last month as I left Decatur for home, I stopped at Isabel's. She'd been to the doctor that day for her MMR vaccine. During the exam prior to the vaccine, the doctor noticed her ears were a bit red and wrote a prescription for amoxicillin. Well...when Jonathan was little, if he had so much as the sniffles, the doctor would not give him the vaccine. This is why:

This was Monday. She is feeling better. The spots appeared on her face first, then her torso. They are disappearing in the order that they appeared.

I thought she might have had a reaction to the amoxicillin. Her great-grandfather, her Pawpaw, and her mother are all sensitive to penicillin.

We are going to Colt's house this weekend. His dad called and asked us to come. They are moving to a bigger home! We are to keep Colt occupied (my job) and keep his Mommy from lifting anything (Sam's job). Colt's baby brother is due April 3... (OH! Erin and I talked today. She wanted to know when we'd seen Isabel last. Sam saw her last at her January birthday party. I saw her on the February 17...the day of the vaccine. So we're safe to see Colt and be around pregnant Erin.)

Me? Dag-nabbit! While I was flossing my teeth tonight, I flipped off a crown! A week after the Longview dentist sent me home with it, it came off while flossing. I went back to have it "glued" back on. RATS! Tomorrow is Friday. I know that THAT dentist is off on Fridays, and I think the dentist I currently use is off too. Sam told me to clean it up good (remember, he's a retired dentist) and leave it out on the counter to dry. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to put some vaseline in it, dry the "stub" real good, then stick the crown back on. I'll call and set up an appointment with the dentist I'm using now to get it glued back on. @#^(*&%!!!!!


Ducky said...

I'd almost rather give up on the crown and get the tooth pulled and a bridge or stud put in its place.

Cherry said...
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