Monday, May 14, 2012


Forty-seven...that's the number of junk e-mails I've received in the last 24 hour period.  FORTY-SEVEN!!!  Sheesh.  I think that's the most ever received.  Thinking about changing my e-mail address, but really REALLY hate to.

I set filters on my e-mail account which sends the majority of them to Trash.  I still look because on occasion, a real e-mail gets nailed.  

E-mails hitting the Trash folder?  Vulgar.  Pure absolute filth for the most part.  Why-oh-why do I want my "member" to grow so that I can please my "woman in bed"???!!!  

A few are in the ED category - eyeroll - like I have a problem with THAT!


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Kar said...

I can't stand seeing them either. Sad that people don't have anything else to do with their life.