Sunday, June 17, 2012

More Than Father's Day

My crepe myrtles in full bloom!
Rains bring beautiful clouds.
A ladle?  You give me a crummy ladle?
AHA! Revenge of the tourists on safari! Self-basting pygmies!  bwahahaha
I just bought that swim suit!  I can't get it wet!!
Taking a quick spin to dry off. :D
Isabel riding with Pawpaw.
Aw.  Isabel with Granny's little rocking chair.


Florida Farm Girl said...

My, my. It does look like you have more than just Father's day. I'm so jealous of your crepe myrtles!! They are so lovely.

I can already tell that I'm gonna have trouble with this word verification today. The number thingy is so small and faint that I can't tell what it is. Oh, well. I'll persevere.

elsie123 said...

Such a fun weekend! Glad you got to spend it with the grands.