Saturday, March 9, 2013


Sam and I traveled to College Station to dine with Aggie friends who graduated 55 years ago. The whole week was planned, but because I have only 10 days vacation, Sam decided to just go to the dinner Monday night. Walking toward the Hilton - from the parking lot - the pavement looked one level parking lot to fountain to under the portico. It wasn't. I stepped off the curb and hit the pavement. Totally stunned trying to decide how I went from upright to on my knees in milli-seconds...??? When I looked around and saw that the leading edge of the curb was painted maroon while the pavement itself was a shiny black. I thought - where'd that curb come from?!

My right ankle is sprained. A recurring injury left over from childhood. Although it has been years since I've stepped crooked and hurt myself this badly.

 We headed to Austin Tuesday so that I could attend a webpage management class for work. Comparing ankle sizes that night.
Crossing the Colorado River on the way to downtown Austin for class.

 January 2012 I was in Austin and sick - so could not walk the grounds of the Capitol. Sigh - once again I could not walk the grounds of the Capitol, but took photos as Sam drove by.

This is a shot from the fourth floor of the Texas Association of Counties where the training took place.

And this is my ankle...yes, it is bruised below, behind, and above the ankle.


Kar said...

I hope you feel better soon Sherry. I've done that many times myself. No fun at all. I'm surprised I've never broke anything before. Take care!

Holee said...

Ouch is right! And always when we want to have fun.

tisme said...

oh bummer that looks sore! Hope you are healing nicely.