Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring is Here!

I took this photo while I was in Austin. It's a tree on a balcony of the Texas Association of Counties building on the fourth floor. I KNOW what this is - I planted one here in northeast Texas but our soil is too acidic for this. But I can't drag the name out of my grey matter. Sigh...
However, I can tell you that my CAMELLIA bush is absolutely gorgeous! 

Yippee! My foot is better, so I don't have to keep it elevated all the time. I can quilt now! 

It didn't take but a couple of hours to finish the double pass it took to complete a row of the "rose" blocks that were set on point.  

I am not quilting around the block motifs. I will do that after I get all the cross-hatching done and get the quilt out of the frame. It will be easier to maneuver the quilt in my large lap hoop.

I put this in the frame two years ago and cannot remember if there's four or five rows. So sad! I'm pretty certain that there are five rows. Time and a lot of quilting will tell.

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Florida Farm Girl said...

That's a wisteria, honey child.