Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Man with a Televison Remote

We have one television. Can you guess that the boob-tube is not a big deal in our home?

A few months back, grandson Colt and I were in the bedroom. I was folding a few items out of the dryer on the bed. He helped a little, then settled back on the pillows, crossed his ankles and said, "TV." I told him Granny did not have a TV in the bedroom. He looked around then said, "Okay." Finished "helping" me fold laundry.

Having just one television is starting to be a 'big' deal for me. I can be settled in watching a program, get up for a bathroom break, come back, and DH has taken possession of the remote and is scrolling channels. 

Yesterday early evening I got back from a milk run (I have to have milk - chocolate preferably - every morning). I put the milk in the refrigerator, walked into the living room portion of the open floor-space room and turned the news on. I went back into the kitchen to start prepping for supper. I can see the television clearly from the kitchen. Sam was in his office at the computer. He walked through the kitchen to the living room, picked up the remote and started scrolling channels. I was flabbergasted. Did he think the television turned itself on? I politely asked him that when he got through scrolling would he please turn back to channel 7 for the local weather.

Just a couple of evenings ago, he scrolled for an hour and a half. An HOUR and a HALF!! He never settled on anything longer than 3 seconds. Folks, we do not have cable or satellite. We are still on antennae. We only have access to SEVENTEEN channels! He scrolled SEVENTEEN channels for an HOUR and a HALF!!!!!

I'm thinking about putting a television in my sewing room...


Kar said...

I'm so glad we aren't big TV people. Except when "Downton Abbey" comes on. :) We only have one TV and doubt we will ever get another because I really can't stand having it on during the day.

Holee said...

NO CABLE...oh my. When I lived in Italy the American shows were "approved" shows for the public. It was the 80's and 90's and the only shows I was getting was Make room for Daddy and bugs bunny. Back on American soil cable was just hitting homes. The older I get the more time I spend having the TV as background all day on the newest screen I can get! It's a voice, company and I don't want to live in a soundless world. My TV is in my bedroom but I'm getting one for the attic sewing room too...go for it!

South Jersey Quilter said...

I live in my sewing room for that reason. I don't think there is a single show that we both like, and I can't stand the scrolling.
Two TV's and two bathrooms- the secret to a long and happy marriage!