Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pretty and Funny :-)

The Pretty from July 1

The funny from July2

Mom said they emptied the hamper in their bathroom.
BUT they did not flush. WHEW!

Two days before they got the vaseline and some cortisone cream and smeared a wall. Boys will be boys. And mom will soon learn that if two boys are quiet - she better RUN to go check on them!


Kar said...

Oh my Lord! Those boys are surely going to keep all of you on your toes!

Love the sunset pics.

Holee said...

I had 4 boys a year apart so I can relate to this. At one time I had a belt with a lock wrapped around the refrigerator and rubber monsters taped to the stove to keep them from turning it on. One day one of them offered a monster his taffy. When it didn't take a lick they tore the monsters off and I had to hide the knobs. Boys are very "creative" with playtime. :)