Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sprained Ankle Revisited

Back on March 4 I sprained my ankle while in College Station TX. I am approaching nine months since the incident. The ankle is still a bit stiff. However, I am in heels again! YAY!!!

I went from flats to low heels to mid heels. (FYI - I do not wear hooker heels so we're not talking much over 2 1/2 inches...maybe 3 inches but I really doubt that any heel I have is that tall.)

Every so often I would put on my taller heels and walk down the hall. Ummm...nope...not yet. About six weeks ago I started wearing heels around the house. Really. I looked real cute wearing my heels with shorts. And jeans. Not to mention sweats. ;) But it has worked. I've worn heels to church for three weeks now. And tomorrow...TOMORROW...I am wearing a pair of my most comfortable heels to work. :D  I am so proud of myself.


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

What a great idea your way back into them. That looks like one very sprain ankle...ouch.

So glad to hear you are back on your feet...but 9 months...yikes. I hope this doesn't mean I'll be 18 months getting back on my feet after a bad break 2 weeks ago. Lets hope I can learn from your experience.


Gwen said...

Ouch. Just looking at the photo is making me flinch. Choose where you wear your heels, no matter how cute you are when you wear them. Or maybe, choose the type of heels you wear, how about sneakers with heels? Or wedges? Gwen @

Lonnie Letellier said...

That bruise looks nasty. By the looks of it and your lengthy time of recovery, I assume your case belongs to the Grade III classification of ankle sprain. Anyway, I hope your feet are fully healed by now, though I would have to advise against wearing taller heels too often. Have a nice day!

Lonnie Letellier @ U.S. HealthWorks