Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crazy Quilt Base Blocks

For the Crazy Quilt Challenge, we needed two blocks. Then, the - ahem - "powers that be" decided to throw in an extra challenge piece - I call it "extra credit" because I'm going to need it when part of my fancy stitching is done on my high priced sewing machine and not by hand.

The first block is just your standard CQ block beginning with a whompy cut hexagon in the center and building upon it log cabin style. I pulled fabrics from the pile as they came and just tried not to put two identical pieces side-by-side. The lace is over a piece of blue tissue lame'. Don't you love the sequins?!

For the second block, the teachers suggested a fan. Mine didn't come out exactly like the directions (because - ahem - I read them... thought I remembered what they said... then did not refer to them again.) BUT it still looks like a fan. I clipped the stitching along the edge and turned the lace back the way it should go. ;o) As you can see in both blocks, I did add a bit of lace and trim as I sewed the blocks. All of this was done before I got the goodies from the shopping trip. I made another seven blocks and intend to make a CQ throw 3 blocks x 3 blocks. We'll see.

My extra credit piece is going to be an evening bag. My husband and I are planning an Alaskan cruise for later this year. It will be our first, but we have decided to "do it up properly" with the two formal nights. I thought a CQ evening bag would be a neat idea. For this, I decided to use all dark fabrics and left the pastels out. Hopefully the red hexagon will be in the center of the back of the bag. Both my sister-in-law, Carol, and my husband, Sam, don't want me to embellish this. But it will happen. What is CQ without embellishment? I feel that I need to get a few pieces of dark lace for, red, navy, etc.

More to come later! Ta-ta! (That's fancy talk for "Bye Ya'll!")

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