Friday, July 25, 2008

Lilies and Son

Thanks to Pam - Berry Ponds Quilts blog - I now know that my lilies are crinum lilies. I have two varieties. The red is evidently c.graminicola graslelie. I also have a white with pink that must be c.macowanii Sabie crinum. Both are African. They were all supposed to be red, so once they multiply, I'll be doing some digging to remove the white/pink and replacing with reds.

"My Son" has posted a couple of times; mostly recently requesting "quarts" of salsa! Ah! Children! What did we do without them? What do we do with them?

Born in 1983. Three weeks early by doctor's counting...Twelve years late by my calendar! Weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. But he made up for it. He ate everything! I had knees like that too! 2002 came all too soon.

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Holee said...

He looks like Mom, you can see it in the "knee" photo. I just love seeing the growing up photos..time does fly!