Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've Been Sewing!

I had a piece of double-sided prequilted fabric (from Wal-Mart), but had to purchase another yard to finish all of this.

The tote is a Tammy Tadd design that I modified to suit my needs.

The aero pac (for passport, ticket, etc.) is a free pattern from Studio Kat designs ( as are the roly-nesters.
When my husband looked on my sewing table at the nested rolys, he looked at me and shook his head as he turned and walked out. I placed a tube of lipstick beside the smallest roly so that you could get an idea as to scale. The zippers are all different because I used a handful of recycled zippers I found in a chest.

I found the wallet pattern on America Sews with Sue Hausmann. Changed the pattern a bit for me.

The little purse with the shoulder strap is similar to Joan Hawley's Sew Sweet Satchel.

I also made a tissue holder and a small makeup bag...both something I just "whipped up."

Now, I'm ready for the cruise. Oh. I have to pack.

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