Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Stuff

Sam made another trip to visit his son and daughter. We woke to beautiful temperatures for mid-July - 72 degrees. Sam said he had to stop when he got to town to put his jacket on. LOL I don't know what the correct name for these lilies is but aren't they gorgeous? I know, the photo doesn't do justice...
So let's get closer...And look what's about to open up!
Mama came over and we made salsa...and what a story we have about this! I have a recipe from a dear lady who is now dead. I've made this specific recipe before, but I'm sure it was back in the 70's, so here we go...I wondered why it called for 8 cups of sugar for only 1 gallon of tomatoes. So, I put 1/4 cup of sugar in it. As we tasted and grimaced, we realized had 6 cups of vinegar! Mama peeled more tomatoes, I opened three cans of diced tomatoes, 1 can of Rotel tomatoes, and three cans of tomato sauce. We added more sugar, but not the 8 cups the recipe called for. I sent Mama on home to rest and continued to cook until Sam came in and gave it a taste passed, so I jarred it. I was seriously considering tossing it...what a waste that would have been.17 1/2 pints later! We won't have to make more salsa for another three or four years! It IS pretty though, isn't it?! In case you are wondering why my mother comes to my house for canning - I have all the canning implements. AND, my mother has been waiting on the gas pipes in her home to be replaced for several months cooking at her house until that happens. Unfortunately, it will probably take the onset of cold weather before the guy remembers that she's sitting in the cold...even though she calls him on a regular basis. She trusts she will long as her patience holds out.


belinda said...

oooohhhh....just looking at your photos brings back memories....we always have a big garden with just about anything you can name in it.....back when it used to pay to can and put up veggies from the garden I have been known to put up 450 pints!!! I draw the line now, we just eat what we can eat and the rest we try to give away.

I also want to thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments. Come visit anytime!!

jessicasews said...

Beeeautiful flowers!

Tomato sauce, yum!! Our tomato plants are still young - slow start to the season. I decided to buy all yellow types and really don't know anything about them, other than the names. Maybe next month we'll be eating tomatoes!

Pam said...

I think the lillies might be called crynum lillies? We have them in white with the beet red color accents and they smell wonderful!!
Your salsa looks GREAT! I'll bring the chips!
DH has been encouraging me to learn how to can. He is worried about the future of the food supply and has amped up our vegetable garden big time.
Have a great time on your cruise!
(Like the blog music)

Your Son said...

You can send a couple of quarts of salsa down here and it will get taken care of.