Monday, September 8, 2008

I Have a New Toy!

Look at the bike, not the person with helmet hair and no makeup!! (Don't worry, I ride with long sleeves.) That's Sam's bike in the background. Don't they look good together?

Saturday, Sam and I went to American Eagle Harley in Corinth Texas (great deal!) for my new bike. I've been looking at second hand...somewhat smaller bikes, but this is what he picked. Took it out for the first time this morning and rode over 30 something miles...had to wait to get insurance on it.

Our driveway is steep (to me on the bike anyway) and gravel. Once I conquer the sheer fear of maneuvering down it...I'll be alright. And, I have to be mindful of the heel shifter. I put my heel down on it right to start and started off down the driveway in 2nd gear...well...not really down the driveway. I took a detour into the yard first. Stopped. Got off. Sam got off his bike, walked over and turned mine around...put it back where I started. I got on it...and did it right that time. Coming home from the 'other' direction. I overshot the driveway! LOL Stopped. Put it in neutral and duck-walked it backwards...oh, Sam got off his to help me keep mine upright. He asked, "Want me to take it up for you?" Anyway, that's what I heard. I said, "Sure." Well, he turned it into the driveway...just where it starts. Got off. Damn! (Oops...darn...well, never mind. I'm a Harley chick, and I can cuss now.) I got on it and rode it up the drive. Eventually (LOL) stopped it where he wanted it to be so that he could get them both in the garage. Mine goes sideways in front of my car (Sam made a gadget that can be moved and placed on the garage floor beside the bike...when I pull my car into the garage very very slowly and lightly bump it - the gadget not the bike - I apply the brakes and far so good). Sam's bike goes between the car and the pickup.

He'll be out of town tomorrow, so no riding...then I sub at the high school Wednesday. I really need to ride every day to keep my courage up! The last big bike I rode was over 25 years ago...Ron's (first husband's) Honda 750...and I never rode it very far - just from our home to my parents' or the other way around...five or so miles.

You know, remembering, foot brake-clutch-shifter to first or neutral-handbreak- left foot down when stopping is rather taxing on one's brain! Are you praying for me?! If not, would you please?!


Holee said...

Wow, what a surprise! I just never would have pictured you driving a Harley! Congrats on the new bike! I'm praying!

jessicasews said...

Oh, you are brave!
That's a big bike!

DH and I used to take the trail bikes out and enjoy the back-roads!
I sure miss that!

Well, have lots of fun and be careful!

~ Jessica

Pam said...

Oh, you BRAVE girl!! Beautiful bike! Enjoy it, now that the weather will (hopefully) be getting cooler, it is the perfect time to ride!Have fun!