Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scuppernong Jelly

My "baby" brother, Joey, gave me a batch of scuppernong grapes. This is the result. BTW, here in Texas we say "scuppanog." This stuff is so delicious. We've had buttered toast (homemade bread) the last two mornings for breakfast just so that we can give it a good thick smear of jelly.
I tried to show how clear this jelly is, but my photographic skills are just not at that level.
In case you don't know what a scuppernong grape is, here's a website:
Joey in 1964:


Holee said...

Glad everyone is safe & sound! We are just now getting heavy winds, guess it from the storm? The lights keep flickering and I hear lots of stuff flying off patio's and porches.

The jelly looks yummy. I just made blackberry jam last week. I hate to say that I also got poison ivy in places you don't want to know about! But the jam is worth it!

Cute photo...I love old photo's, what a waste to keep them hidden in a box somewhere. I remember dressing my son in outfits like that..and we had to iron them!

Your son said...

I want some of the jelly too when you send me the salsa... LOL