Sunday, October 12, 2008

Husbands Who Quilt

I've tried to intice Sam into quilting. I have failed miserably. Of course, it keeps him out of my stash so perhaps that's not too bad after all.

When I look at a blog, I click "Next Blog." So many times I find nothing of interest (especially when it's not in English - I'm a one language person). I love looking a photos even if I can't read the language. On occasion I stumble across a 'new' quilting blog. This evening, I found two male quilters. Tom, retired, who is a quilter and a wood carver. Via his blog, I found John, with small children, who quilts. I added their blogs to my list so that I can stay in touch with what they are doing.

Perhaps I'll show Sam...then again, if I expect him to stay out of MY stash, maybe NOT!


Holee said...

Well now, I just had to add these fellows to my blog too.

Some of the choices of fabrics look like a man picked them!

Tom H said...

Sherry, Hey thanks for the nice comments, and thanks for checkin out my "new" blog. You all got some nice lookin bikes. In order to marry my wife (46 years ago) I had to promise never to get on a motorcycle. I really wanted to marry her....thanks again.