Tuesday, December 30, 2008

American Girl Dolls

Since I don't have any grandchildren, I never dreamed that I'd be making doll clothes any time soon! We had a 'sew-in' today. Elton and Sam had a road trip planned so Carol came over with her two grand-daughters, Katy (9) and Maddie (7), who are spending the rest of Christmas break with them.

Saturday when they were over and ate supper with us, Maddie fell in love with my fabric stash and wanted to sew. So ;o) we set it up. I found authentic American Girl patterns online:

I printed a pajama pattern. The girls chose their favorite fabric (with my approval - fabric not set aside for quilts) along with matching lace. We started late morning...broke for lunch...got back to it. Finished about 3:30. That's a long time for two little girls, but they did real good...not fussing while they were sewing, just while they were waiting on us for directions. One part of the shirt pattern was a booger to figure out. The girls probably did 90% of the sewing. Even setting in the sleeves! I was impressed. They've been sewing with their mother and grandmother (Carol). But they are still only 9 and 7 years old!

A washable glue stick and quilt basting spray turned out to be the best notions. We tacked the pockets and lace down on the fabric for no pin sewing. When the pjs were completed, Maddie washed the glue out in the bathroom sink. Katy rinsed them. Into the dryer went the pjs. Outside went the girls to play. Carol and I sat down with a glass of wine. After the wine took affect, we decided we would do this again. However, the next time will be a one-piece garment!

When I get a photo of the dolls ready for bed, I'll post the photo.

Remember the plate with the truffles? This is it.

Oh! I finished a pair of socks last night! Ain't they snazzy?!


elsie123 said...

What fun! You've played a big part in a life-time memory for those two little girls.

Lisa said...

Great job for young girls... Now I feel bad for not making doll clothes for my DGD's American girl doll yet... I was thinking they looked to hard.. Guess not if a 9 and 7 year old can make them...
groannnn guess I need to get busy making clothes for her March b-day