Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dreary Day

Not much going on. We had some terribly cold nights for a few. One night down around 18 or 19 F. Carol said they had 12 degrees on Wednesday night and Thursday night was even colder. They live only 20 or so miles south of us where you would think they would be a degree or so warmer. Instead, they are almost always colder. It must have to do with the "lay of the land" or something.

Jonathan called. He received his new scrubs and said the top fit much better. Just a couple of alterations on the next one. The pants are a snug fit so the next pair will have to allow for a more "healthy" butt. ;o)

I saw another neat t-shirt today on a teenager:


At first I thought they were in the wrong order. Sam said that one needed a good attitude before education would work. Made more sense. And, of course, athletics should always be at the bottom.

I have a pot of pinto beans cooking and plan on putting some link sausage in them in a few minutes. That along with a pan of cornbread will be our supper.

Back to the quilting...


Diane said...

Hi--i hail from NY and we are reaaallly cold here--was 0 this morning!! i just discovered your blog site and enjoyed catching up on your news--so what are you quilting on now??? and how many projects do you have going at one time??? i have several!! i just got me an EZ3 quilting frame made by the Grace com.from the internet. i am new to all this--but am having alot of fun. keep on blogging and stay warm. Just, Di

Sherry said...

Hi, Di!
Thanks for your comment. I have a handquilting frame from

I've been in a bit of a blue funk this past year or so or two and am just now getting back into quilting. I did learn to knit a bit over a year ago and even though I'm slow, I have at least accomplished something in that area.

I have a closet full of future quilts. ;o) Don't we all?! I have an appliqued top waiting patiently for the double wedding ring to be finished.

I purposely have not started anything else. Now though, I'm wondering why. I am ready to get 'back in the game' again. And I have plenty to work with.

Stay warm! And stay in touch.