Monday, January 12, 2009

More Scrubs

I've been quilting! Yay!!! I'm not doing the complicated filler just yet, but am doing all the 1/4" outlining of the blocks of this Double Wedding Ring. Yeah. I cheated. Solid arcs. As long as this baby has been in the frame, it's a good thing I didn't have itty bitty pieces in the arc to quilt around.

I set the end of each row, I would reward myself with a bit of sewing. And that is exactly what I did yesterday.

Jonathan, I should be able to get these in the mail tomorrow...they are already boxed. Let me know about the fit. The ties on the pants...cut them off to length and tie a knot in the end. Let me know how much you cut off.

The pants waist casing called for part elastic and part ties...I am sure Jonathan will let me know how that worked out too.

I did hear about the American Girl pajamas even though I don't have a photo yet. Carol said they fit perfectly and were so cute. As soon as she delivered the grand-daughters home, Maddie got her doll and dressed her for bed.

Did you see that beautiful moon last night? Had it not been so cold it would have been a perfect night to sit outside and "moon tan." Remember the Adams family and Morticia sitting outside with the metal reflector around her face trying to catch moon rays? LOL Haven't thought about that in ages.

I don't have a pretty shot of the moon, but I did catch this sunrise last Thursday morning:

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