Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey, BABY!

It's cold outside!! I didn't even stick my head out the door today. Oh, wait. Yes I did. I threw three slices of stale bread out the front door for the birds. Didn't take long though. Brrrrr!

We vegged today. I didn't quilt any. Rats. We've tried to hook the laptop to the new TV and can't get it to work. Sam wants to be able to do a photo slideshow on the TV - larger screen. He hooked his old PC to the worked. I got online with a Sony tech. He gave me the link for a new driver. That didn't work. Samsung's site suggested a new BIO. Back to the tech next chance I get.

Every time I turn around, Sam's putting a movie in to watch. Between that, reading a bit, computer way too much, cooking - don't worry, I don't strain myself. Sam's reached the point to where he'd rather go to town to eat. When I set out stuff for a good meal, he says he'd rather go to town to get a hamburger. *shoulder shrug*

I made scones this morning! Yummy. Hold on...I'll go setup for a photo shoot.




I'm, back. Let me brush the crumbs off my shirt. What? You expected me to be around food and not take a nibble? OKAY!! A bite. I'll fess up. I took a real bite. Off the top AND the bottom (I slit the scone in half.) What? What marmalade. Oh. Yeah. I took a bite or two of that too. Yep! It was good!
I've already posted the recipe:

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